Google AdWords

There are (at least) 2 options for you who want to advertise on Google:

1.) You create yourself a Google AdWords account with Google AdWords system and follow their comprehensive guide. You pay only for Google AdWords an initial amount of less than 100, - kr. and otherwise only for the clicks by users on your ads. You will spend plenty of time to get to know their system and jargon, and you can maybe within 1-3 years will be pretty good to use Google AdWords opportunities.

2.) You ask us to use our expertise. We can plan, create and run (maintain) Google AdWords campaigns both nationally and / or worldwide. We have worked with Google AdWords since 2003 (when was Google AdWords established on the Danish IT market). You pay directly to Google and an agreed hourly rate * for us.
(* adapted individually to the size of the task!)

Google AdWords
Caution!  - Be aware of:

  1. we do not re-selling Google Clicks for a higher price,
  2. you pay click costs directly to Google,
  3. there is no minimum spending requirement or time commitment,
  4. with CPC (cost-per-click), you only pay if people click your ads
  5. every kr of your budget goes to providing you with new customers

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